Salley Trefethen—First and Central Coaching

Salley has been a resident of Huning Highlands since 2003 and makes her home at 501 Walter SE, the former Crescent Grocery Store built in 1906.

Salley provides corporate coaching services downtown at her office at 215 Central Ave NW. First and Central is dedicated to unleashing the power in a company's greatest asset—its people.

She and her business partner Anna Meck, love working with technical whiz kids who have stepped into the world of management. They love making them as successful at building partnerships with their staff and their superiors as they have been at building software, buildings, networks or whatever other technical field they have mastered. So, in short, First and Central Coaching makes managers amazing, takes meetings you want to run from and turns them into meetings you want to run, moves leadership from the corner office into every corner of the office and, in general, makes going to work a whole lot more fun.

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