601 Coal SE

Constructed on property owned by Edward and Ellen Lembke (416 Walter SE) that had been used to store building supplies for the Lembke Construction Company for some four decades, the gas station at 601 Coal Avenue served Huning Highland Addition residents and visitors from 1937 thru the mid-1980s.

The New England Colonial Cottage-style service station design was the brainchild of Ernest Whitmore of Ponca City, Oklahoma. The concept of creating gas stations that resembled small houses in order for them to blend into residential neighborhoods proved quite successful for the Continental Oil Company (Conoco)- a subsidiary of Standard Oil.

Aptly named “Preservation Station” following the generous donation of the property to The Albuquerque Conservation Association (TACA) in 1997 by H.B. and Lucille Horn, this property is rare due to the fact that the vast majority of service stations are demolished once they outlive their intended usefulness. The property contains numerous architectural features including glazed brick throughout and handset green tile restroom floors, just to name a couple. To see the structure in person is to appreciate it for the work of art that it is.

TACA is in the process of restoring Preservation Station to use as an office and as a meeting place. In fact, your Huning Highland Neighborhood Association holds open meetings at Preservation Station the first Wednesday of every month at 6:30 pm. Residents are encouraged to attend. The Huning Highland Neighborhood Association is currently planning a community garden within the property to the immediate north and east of Preservation Station. Again, local residents are encouraged to participate in this project.


Donations of photographs of the service station and it’s employees, or artifacts relating to the service station such as historic postcards, calendars or other advertising merchandise would be greatly appreciated. Similarly, readers are encouraged to submit memories of people and events that can be recalled of this historic service station in the comments section below.

Property Data Summary from Albuquerque City Directories

1939  Conoco Service Station (Floyd Davis Mgr.)

1940  Andy’s Conoco Service Station (Earle C. “Andy” Anderson Lesee)

1941  Conoco Service Station (CK McGrew Mgr.)

1942  Conoco Service Station (ES Lyell Mgr.)

1943  Conoco Service Station (CR Schlotterback Mgr.)

1944  Conoco Service Station (Norman Karns Mgr.)

1947  Conoco Service Station (Wayne Denison Mgr.)

1949  Clark’s Conoco (OD Clark Mgr.)

1950  Bond Conoco Service Station

1952  Kaffka’s Conoco Service Station (Cecil A Kaffka Mgr.)

1953  Locke’s Conoco Service Station (Lester K Locke, Roland Sheets)

1954  Jim & Ray’s Conoco Filling Station (Harry R Gresham, Clarence J Fleming)

1955  Franklin’s Conoco Service Station (Marion R Franklin Mgr.)

1957  Ted’s Conoco Service Station (Ted Lafebre Mgr.)

1959  Coal Super Service Conoco (Joe Martinez Mgr.)

1960  Lemley Super Service Conoco (Richard L Lemley Mgr.)

1961-1969  Horn Oil Company

1971-1983  Horn Oil Company (Manuel Carabajal Mgr.)

1985-1992  Horn Oil Company (Leo Candelaria Mgr.)

1992-present  TACA Preservation Station


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