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Meeting Minutes, May 2, 2018

Review of Clean-up event (Jennifer)—Jennifer reported. The cleanup went well. A couple of alleys were cleaned. There is still a big stump that needs to be hauled away. Appreciation was expressed for Jennifer.

Mansions, Motoring, Millennials (Ann)—Ann reported on talk at ABQ Museum.

Update on the signage project (Ben/Susan)—Susan is waiting for a call back from the traffic department. 

Appeal on the rezoning for Steve and Kara Grant’s B&Bs (May 7)—Steve reported on the current situation. The City Council meeting will hear the appeal and decide.  The meeting is at 5:00pm on May 7.


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Meeting Minutes, April 4, 2018

Easter Egg Hunt Report from Amberley Pyles—A report from Amberley was read (see Appendix) on the Easter Egg Hunt. The board will reimburse Amberley $25 for the additional amount she spent over the budgeted amount.

Result of Steve’s zoning request appeal (hearing was April 3)—Steve reported on the process related to his re-zoning request. He is just waiting on results.

Review of Broadway re-striping (Bonnie)—Bonnie gave additional information on the Broadway re-striping. Traffic counts on Broadway do not warrant requiring 5 lanes - 3 lanes are sufficient. The plan is to have one travel lane in each direction, with a median and a turning lane. There will be a parking lane and a protected b

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Meeting Minutes, March 7, 2018


  • Easter Egg Hunt is on Saturday, March 31 (the day before Easter). Amberley Pyles volunteered to coordinate the Easter Egg Hunt, but Ann will confirm this with her. Budget is $300. 
  • Steve reported on his zoning request which has been appealed. The hearing for the appeal is Tuesday, April 3, 9:00 AM, 9th floor, One Civic Plaza . Even without the rezoning, under the new IDO the B&B can do up to 6 w

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Meeting Minutes, February 7, 2018


  • Salley reported that there was a scam targeting various neighborhood associations asking for money for projects.
  • Vince reported that the Storehouse says that they want to move but have not acted on it. In light of that, he’s considering various options for development. The EDo board trying to get a $100,000 grant. Plans are for signage

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Meeting Minutes, November 1, 2017

EDO Social Media Campaign and Rebranding

Jim Maddox and Lauren Greene—Jim Maddox, discussed signage for the EDO/HHHD. There are plans to put a rooftop sign above Rebel Workout, similar to the signs for Nob Hill Center and Morningside Center. He’s hoping there will also be a sign in the vicinity of I-25.  HHHDA and Edo plan to collaborate.

Lauren Greene from The Grove Cafe talked about an initiative to promote Huning Highland Historic District and EDO through a rebranding campaign using social media such as Facebook and Instagram. The hope is that EDO and HHHDA be looked at as one - an urban historical neighborhood.

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